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!!!!ONLINE retreat 3-5 April 2020!!!!

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This weekend we're hosting an ONLINE yoga weekend. There are different classes in yoga, meditation, Qi gong and more. In the evening we'll have a 'virtual' campfire with mantras and a fire ceremony!
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It'd be most fun to attend all classes, but we understand that this is not possible for everyone. You can also join single classes or the ones you can make.
We're doing this because our 'real' yoga weekend cannot happen this weekend due to the current situation. The next 'real' weekend retreats are in July and October.

This weekend is on donation basis. For the whole weekend we advise a donation from € 50 and up, or a donation of € 10 or more per individual class/workshop. Please mention which workshop it is for! Then we know who receives the donation. For example 'yoga sat morning' or 'qi gong, or 'online weekend' for the whole thing. .
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About us:

Dick is (next to my fantastic father) a Dru yoga and meditation teacher. He has been teaching meditation classes since 2007 and is part of the team that provides Dru meditation teacher training. This weekend he'll take us through various techniques and methods to (better) learn to meditate and become still.
In addition to meditation, Dad knows a lot about environmentally conscious living and (keto) vegetarian food. Recipes are available on request ;) 

Jolanda is (besides my dearest mom) also a Dru yoga and meditation teacher. She is also a ceramic artist (artist with clay) and has been teaching Artistic education for more than 40 years. She can do a lot with her hands, and helps you in her workshop to express yourself, to become still and to find your center through being creative. And don't worry, you don't have to be able to do anything or find yourself creative! That is precisely what this workshop is for.
Mom will also guide us through a special fire ceremony during our virtual bonfire on Saturday. 

Paul is (in addition to living on the Elshof) a Qi Gong teacher who teaches classes and workshops throughout the country. Partly trained in China, he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience and has been teaching since 2012. He explains that Qi Gong is about refreshing your energy management. You will feel fitter, more flexible and generally happier in life. And we can certainly use that now! 

Roos (that's me!) grew up with yoga as a daughter of these wonderful people, and has been teaching it since 2009. She has completed several yoga teacher training courses including Dru yoga, Vinyasa and more. She has been a fulltime yoga teacher since 2016 and, in addition to weekly classes, she also organizes events and retreats to go deeper and create more connection. Her goal is to help you connect with your body, to see the beauty that is already there. 

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Our next 'real' retreat weekend is in July and 23-25 October!

Deepen your yoga and enjoy a weekend away on our weekend retreat to Overijssel! A weekend full of yoga, lovely food, nature and connection. Workshops in meditation, Qi Gong (form of Tai Chi) and ceramics (clay). Walks in the fields and forests of Salland, sauna available, massages to be booked.

Including all meals (organic and vegetarian), other dietary needs possible.

July will follow soon
23-25 October

Rooms and prices (per person): 
Shared room B&B or yurt (Mongolian tent): € 299,-
Private room B&B with double bed (very limited!) € 399,-

Coming as a couple or want to share with a friend? Leave the info at your booking or contact me. 

* the weekend can take place from 6 participants onwards. 

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Let's reTREAT ourselves to some movement, breath, connection, fun and relaxation