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I've always had plants in my life but it became something mindful during my burnout back in 2016. Taking care of my 5 orchids gave me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Seeing them thrive and grow really helped my recovery!


What started with a few plants turned into a house full of them quite quickly, an indoor jungle as we call it :)


Since my family and friends were not into plants I couldn't help but share my excitement on Instagram and YouTube.

And that's where we're at now! Will you plant with me?



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"Plantfluencer" teaches more than 25,000 followers to care for plants online

New plant brings everyone cheerfulness

Surrounded by more than a hundred plants and always full of enthusiasm, "plant fluencer" Roos Kocken makes videos.For her thousands of online followers, she has "tips and tricks" in store for her to take good care of their plants. Since the lockdown last year, that number has grown dramatically. In times of fear and uncertainty, plants bring pleasure or lead to a new hobby for her followers.

"My favorite plant? I really can't say", laughs Kocken (36). Her mother and grandmother used to give her plants, but during her burnout in 2016-2017 she developed an obsession. Previously, she posted videos on social media as a yoga teacher, but from the moment she started talking about plants the interest grew enormously, now more than 25,000 people from all over the world follow her on Instagram and she is very popular on YouTube. “When I moved in, my mother had given some plants. For me it was a plant that I gave some water. When things didn't go well, I took them to my mother who took care of them. Now it's turned around and I'm giving my mother plants. We give each other tips and together we have a nice collection.”

Plant care

She shows her plants and their care on social media. For example, when a plant needs to be repotted, she makes a video of it and answers the questions of her followers. She is also looking for plant experts who can tell her and her followers more about specific plants. For example, Kocken has many Hoyas herself and she went to expert Paul Shirley for more information about this. She does not have a background in biology. Kocken gains knowledge about plants from her own experiences, a lot of research and from experts. “I am not an expert, but only have a few years as an expert by experience. It is nice to let experts speak, who can share the right information so that everyone can take better care of their plants. ” Manager of the Hortus greenhouses in Leiden Rogier van Vugt is one of her important teachers. Rogier is a good friend from whom I have learned a lot. I had two Jewel Orchids, one of which had died. He could explain to me exactly what I had done wrong and how to take better care of them. That also helps other people who make the same mistakes.”

That things can sometimes go wrong with her, Kocken consciously shares on her social media. “Instagram always seems to be all about the perfect plant, but you can't expect that when you start keeping your own plants. I also sometimes have brown spots or vermin on my leaves. Sometimes I forget to water a plant, causing it to dry out completely. It doesn't always go perfectly with the leaves of the plants. I want to show that that's just part of the deal. ”

Hobby and profession 

Taking care of her plants and making videos are Kocken's biggest activities at the moment. She works with garden centers that sell plants and plant products. For example, she makes videos for the store, gives product reviews and organizes "giveaways". What she likes most is showing the houseplant department of garden centers. She often works together with garden center De Bosrand, in Oegstgeest and Wassenaar, among others. “It is nice to see that my followers will visit the garden centers that I like afterwards. At Garden Center Global Garden in Zwaanshoek I had recorded a video before they were known on social media. Subsequently, more and more people arrived there, including from Germany. ” Besides working with plants, Kocken runs a yoga company and teaches courses on body positivity. Yoga classes were largely shut down by Corona in March. A few weeks later she had an accident that left her with a temporary head injury. The recovery is slow and it is not yet possible to do much other work besides her plants. The plants help Kocken to get through the more difficult periods. “Plants can make you feel that you are doing something useful. Water a plant that wants water and then it will be happy again. A plant that you repot will then do well again. ” The satisfaction she gets from taking care of plants is enormous for her. “It is very nice to see when a new magazine is coming. That brings joy in a difficult or sad period. We call that plant therapy ”, she laughs.

Variegated plants

Plants with unintentional colored spots and specks used to be thrown away by growers because they were "failed" and did not sell. Now they are extremely popular. Plant enthusiasts pay large amounts for it. Variegated plants are better known by the English term "variegated plants" which comes from the Latin "variegata". The white, pink or yellow color in variegated plants is caused by a genetic abnormality in the growth of the plant. In these places the green chlorophyll is missing. A disadvantage is that the plant cannot perform photosynthesis in these places, which is necessary to remain alive. With some plants, such as the Thai Constellation Monstera and the Philodendron "Ring Of Fire", the plants remain colorful for life. Other plants sometimes have variegated leaves, after which they then make leaves in their "normal" color.

By Inge van Dijck for Leidsch Dagblad on Saturday 23 January 2021


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