Welcome to Plant with Roos

Hi, I'm Roos and I LOVE plants! 


I've always had plants in my life but it became something mindful during my burnout back in 2016. Taking care of my 5 orchids gave me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Seeing them thrive and grow really helped my recovery!


What started with a few plants turned into a house full of them quite quickly, an indoor jungle as we call it :)


Since my family and friends were not into plants I couldn't help but share my excitement on Instagram and YouTube.

And that's where we're at now! Will you plant with me?



'I want to help you greenify your life and home.'

What would you like to see/learn about? Let me know below!

Do you love plants?



The products I love are linked on the above pages. They are amazon affiliate links, from both the American and German amazon. If you don't see anything on those pages, try switching off your adblocker. Thank you!


Interested in collaborating with me? Awesome! Send an email to my team: management@plantwithroos.com and they will let you know the options and possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you! 


> Please know I choose who I work with carefully, based on the right fit, high quality products and whenever possible a focus on sustainability. Thank you.