Join yoga classes LIVE online? 

With all the stress and sickness that is happening, yoga is extra important. It not only helps you relax, it also boosts your immune system and keeps your body fit! 

I taught LIVE online classes several times a day, on donation basis. Accessible to all, every level. All you need is a quiet place at home or wherever you are, and an internet connection (from your phone, tablet, computer).
To join, leave your name and email address below and you'll receive all the info. 


Classes are in English or Dutch depending on the attendance. Some classes are mainly in Dutch, but can include some English upon request. Please let me know before class. Times are CET, Amsterdam time. 

Times are Central European Times (CET), Amsterdam! 

Classes are on hold because I'm sick!


19:30 Yin yoga (all levels)


19:30 BEACH YOGA (all levels, don't forget to sign up!)


10:00 am Hatha/Vinyasa (all levels)

You can join these classes via the ZOOM link in the email. Please remember to sign up before class by sending me an email or whatsapp message, classes happen from 3 people.

More info about beach yoga HERE

The full schedule of classes will start again when my concussion symptoms have decreased more.


You can find the previous classes I've taught on my Patreon page

In your own time?

If you prefer to take classes in your own time, that is possible too, because the classes are saved on my Patreon page. You get access for € 3,50 per month, due to the privacy of the students who are occasionally in view. You can also take lessons via my YouTube channel, in both Dutch and English. Below are a few examples.