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Corona: LIVE online classes

With all the stress and sickness that is happening, yoga is extra important. It not only helps you relax, it also boosts your immune system and keeps your body fit! 

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Mantra Monday 6 Jan 2020

The first few weeks of the new year are often filled with resolutions - work out more, eat healthier, stop smoking, lose weight. Whatever it is, can you take a moment to assess whether that is what you really need? Coming from a place of love and care for what and where you are now, does that resolution help bring balance into your life and body?

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Free video course self-confidence and self love

This week I'm releasing my free mini course self-confidence and self-love. Every week I share an assignment and a video (5-10 min) via email with a simple exercise to help you feel better about your body. By learning to accept and love your body you also develop more self-confidence. Are you in?Enter your name and e-mail address below and you will receive the course in your inbox!

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Adventures in Amsterdam with the lovely Lenka from @zgung (who's also an amazing photographer!)